The person behind the programmer

Stefany Newman

My name is Stefany and I live in Arkansas, USA. I have always been fascinated with computers. I started learning programming in January 2011, and I have been perfecting my skills ever since. I strife to learn something new every day, and I love reading programming books. I also admire many great programmers like Ada Lovelace, Rasmus Lerdorf, Larry Wall and many others. I think I have read over 100 books on computer programming and I want to read lots more. I love sharing what I have learnt on my blog.

In my free time, I like to spend time with my husband, play Go, do some knitting, cook or going out on my bicycle. I am also a historian, been studying history since I was very young. I also enjoy learning (human) languages, so you can contact me in Bulgarian, English or Dutch. I love answering to emails, even if you want to say hello, play a game of Go or Age of Empires.