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Smashing Book #5

I am reviewing it kind of late since I finished it two months ago. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised when my book arrived from Germany in three weeks and undamaged from the long travel!


The book is written by several authors, with each one composing a chapter. With the exception of one chapter that got really boring half way through, the rest were very interesting and I learnt a ton from them (bear in mind that the book was published in 2015 and it is still very factual for today).

Friedman’s chapter about mobile UX is very educational. I really liked how he gave an example of the ‘pandas’ website where on the mobile view he has the calls to actions showing up and the rest of the menu is in a hamburger. I am thinking of implementing it on my website (without the pandas).


The title is “Real Life Responsive Design” and it stays true since the authors try to include as many real projects as possible and offer a lot of case studies that actually happened.