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Why I like MODX

I have recently been approved by the board and high council members of MODX as a MODX specialist . The screening process is quite vigorous, because you have to prove that you are a highly qualified individual and you have to provide references from happy clients. Fortunately it all went well for me and I was in!


I love MODX as a CMS. I prefer it way more than WordPress and Drupal (I often wonder why is Drupal even a thing, as it is just horrible without a single redeeming quality) MODX is very secure, and quite robust. Each time I have to install a plugin for WordPress I’d have to back it up because there is 70% chance that the new plugin will crash the website. And don’t even get me started on updates/upgrades for WP: it is difficult as hell. I installed a lot of plugins (in MODX they are called “Extras”) for MODX and not even a single time have I gotten a 500 error.


It is also way faster than WP. WordPress is famous for being super-mega-giga slow, but MODX is fast because it uses an HTML template system (part of the reason) and it has a superior caching system that doesn’t break your plugins like WP does.


It is also easier to learn than Drupal (which is super difficult to learn) even if you are not a programmer, the admin panel is quite straightforward.


Extending it is a piece of cake with Snippets. Try to write a short PHP code and include it in WP or Drupal for less than 2 mins. You can do that easily with MODX.