Smashing Book #5

I am reviewing it kind of late since I finished it two months ago. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised when my book arrived from Germany in three weeks and undamaged from the long travel!


The book is written by several authors, with each one composing a chapter. With the exception of one chapter that got really boring half way through, the rest were ... Read More

CSS is no longer a secret

Just finished CSS Secrets by Lea Verou and I was very pleasantly surprised. The book is really very good, and I learnt a lot from it.


The author presents novel approaches to common problems, which makes you ... Read More

New book about CSS

To send off July I bought a new book about CSS called CSS Secrets - Better solutions to everyday web design problems.


It arrived Friday and I am already half way through with it. It is just very interesting and I am learning tons of new stuff. Lea Verou has an amazing style and she is ... Read More

HTML5 Up and Running

I was in the library looking at programming/web design books when I stumbled across the front-end section. There were two books that caught my interest, HTML5 Up and Running and another book about HTML5 and CSS3. After browsing them, I decided to borrow the first one for a couple of reasons:


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    High Performance Web Sites

    When I first saw the book on the shelve, I was hesitant to pick it up, because I could not remember whether I read it or not. I knew I had read a book about speeding up websites, but was it this book? Or another?

    Anyways, I took a chance on it (ABBA style) and it turned out that I had not read it. Or read it and could not remember it. Oh ... Read More