Experiencing development with Git

Before I read Git in Practice by Mike McQuaid I would only use Git when I wanted to commit a project on GitHub. Even worse, I would only upload the program to GitHub after it was complete and would commit when I wanted to change/update the application. But after I read the book, it turned out that it was wiser to use ... Read More

JS Helper functions

Started writing awesome JavaScript helper functions. Initially I wrote them so that one can click a button and the quote of the post to appear in the reply textarea, but I changed my mind, however, the functions stayed. I am thinking of uploading more functions as I go.


JS helper functions repo in ... Read More

Git Commands Cheat Sheet

To make a new git project in the current directory: git init project-name

To add a file or folder to a git project: git add file-or-folder-name.extension

To commit: git commit --message ‘commit message’

To view the commit history: git log

To send a commit to a remote repository: git push

To fetch any new commits made by others on a remote repository: git fetch

To clone a repository: git clone ... Read More


I have been working on my own custom forum since November 2014. When people ask me why I bother to create my own message board, I say that I love forums! They are an excellent medium to connect people with similar interests! Ever since I first had internet at home I owuld spend hours in the forums, communicating and exchanging ideas with like minded people! It is amazing to belong in a group with folks who share your interests. And no, Facebook will never be able to replace the forums, since it is a social network first and only recently has it tried to replace the message boards with its intention to turn the groups & the pages into forums.


I created my first custom ... Read More

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