FTP is hack prone

Recently I was moving a MODx website from one hosting to another. I was given the “master” account that is used for accessing the Cpanel and (S)FTP. I went ahead and created an additional FTP account. To my surprise, it wouldn’t connect via SFTP, only FTP. I sent a ticket to the hosting and to my absolute surprise they told me that “...additional FTP accounts cannot use SFTP, just FTP...If you need to transfer files with SFTP then use the master account”


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Why I like MODX

I have recently been approved by the board and high council members of MODX as a MODX specialist . The screening process is quite vigorous, because you have to prove that you are a highly qualified individual and you have to provide references from happy clients. Fortunately it all went well for me and ... Read More

Flexbox is awesome

 I hopped in quite late on the flexbox train, but at least now it has full modern browser support (even in IE11 with no prefixes).

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Building a new PC

The awesome new pink case!


My PC has started to misbehave, in a sense that some days it is unable to catch the internet (yes, catch) and the CPU fan ... Read More

Things to avoid when building contact forms


  • Captcha. Use honeypot

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    I got new books


    I couldn’t resist not buying books on Black Friday and I got 4 ( in my defence, I wanted to get 6, but changed my mind in the last minute), two for databases/SQL and two for programming languages.


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    Question everything

    Programming is science. In it, you have to question everything. Even the things you are sure that are true, it is your duty to double and triple check.


    In the past, people were forced to believe the things that weren’t true. There was the strong sense of authority (of anything, really), about religion, science, government. If you dared to question any of those, you were executed.

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    Little Rock Tech Fest Rocked!

    Little Rock Tech fest which was help on October 20 - 21 was really awesome! I arrived at 10:30 AM, which means I skipped the lines, registered and got my badge, shown below:




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    Getting psyched for Little Rock Tech Fest

    That's right! October 20 - 21 is the Little Rock Tech Fest and I managed to get my early bird ticket last month and I even bought a new dress for it!

    I love going to tech conferences! It is awesome being in the same "room" with like-minded people, who share your profession, your passion (since they made all that effort to come to a conference, they certainly must be passionate about programming) and who, like you , want to learn more. It is very inspiring and rewardable, since you make connections and of course, having fun!

    I have also learnt a lot from the talks over the years, if you manage to find a talk that is both interesting and you can learn ... Read More

    Learning frameworks is a waste of time

    I learnt that lesson when I spend a month learning Laravel and then (since I don’t use frameworks in my hobby projects) i didn’t have clients that wanted Laravel or those that already and  a website on it and what do you know, I forgot it.


    I didn't forget all of it, I still have basic idea what goes where, but it just feels like a big waste of time. If I had ... Read More


    RegEx101 is an amazing website for testing your Regular Expressions! It made my life so much easier. It tests your expression as you type them. Also, it provides hints about the various signs used, in case you forget what was the identifier for case insensitive search or for global and so on.


    Regular expressions are very important, and I think it is imperative every programmer to learn them, at least the basics. Suprisingly, it is used more than you can imagine. Not only for validating user input, but for searching words in documents, or doing a whole match of an entire ... Read More

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